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We realize that sometimes our tours may not fit your needs exactly. Perhaps you want to take things at a slower pace, or maybe you are on a very tight schedule and wish to put to the most effective use the few hours you have spare. Alternatively, you may have read about a site not covered in our itineraries which you simply must visit.

Golden 'Bua Thong' Flowers cover the hillsides in Mae Hong Sorn Province during the latter months of the year

If that's the case, or if for any reason you wish to do things differently, then please let Chiang Mai in Action Tour and Travel Services know what you want. Sergeant Kai will be happy to work through your requirements to come up with a custom tailored tour to fit your every desire -- and all at very reasonable prices.

He should have spoken to us first!

To start planning your perfect trip, please fill in our contact form, giving us as much detail as you can about your specific requirements. We assure you of an efficient, informed response, and look forward to hearing from you. Organizing the trip of your dreams needn't be painful and full of uncertainty -- we are here to work out all the details for you.


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